from the desk of Tony Rush

One of the simplest changes I made in my business years ago that made a HUGE IMPACT was the decision to start using attention-grabbing graphics in my marketing materials.

Once upon a time, a standard “text-only” video sales letter (VSL) could command attention.  But today, the average prospect is VERY accustomed to narrated slide presentations.  

Plus, a lot of marketers are all using the same software:  Powerpoint, Keynote, EasyVSL, etc.  

And that means that your prospect has already seen all the built-in templates and features that everyone else is using.

In the past, you only had three solutions:
But, what if there’s a better way?

There is…and now you can start using it, too!  Introducing VSL Toolbox...
Boost Sales & Conversions!
Instantly you’ll notice a quick boost in conversions & sales after copying-and-pasting these top-quality graphics
No More Waiting On Someone Else
No more delays, waiting or endless revisions. Take full control of your business and marketing impression!
Save A Ton Of Money On Designers
Forget about spending horrendous money on another graphic design. Using ready-made professional graphics and templates is smarter
No Editing Required!
No need to use Photoshop or any other expensive software. All you have to do is load them right into your regular presentation software!
VSL Toolbox is a proven marketing graphics pack that’s full of some of the same attention-grabbers, highlights, color blocks, halftones, streaks, cartoons, arrows and full-HD templates that I’ve used in my own presentations for years.

See, every day we’re surrounded by ads, billboards, commercials, social media posts, magazines, television shows, movies, trailers, and signage that’s had MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of design invested.


Because human beings are conditioned to PAY ATTENTION to visuals that are “out of place”. Things that are surprising.  Startling. 

Things that grab our eyeballs and won’t let go!
Simply put:  if you’re ignoring the “design” part of your message…you’re not going to share your message to very many people.  

Why?  Because there’s only ONE “Unforgivable Sin” of marketing:  being BORING.  And when I started using compelling, eye-catching graphics in my marketing, my profits soared!

But, because it’s expensive to build a great graphics pack from scratch, I’ve created VSL Toolbox so that anyone can have the same access to attention-grabbing, eye-stopping, brain-controlling graphics that I use in my own marketing.

Good design and professional graphics are how you can take a boring, disengaging, yawn-inspiring slide like this...
And turn it into this!
A few simple changes and BOOM!  

FACT:  When I started “jazzing up” my presentations with color, shapes, textures, templates, brush-strokes, highlighters, halftones, screentones and illustrations...

...MORE people watched my presentation all the way to the end…MORE people said “yes” to my offer....and I made WAY more money.  

In fact, I don’t mind telling you:  that presentation made me more money in a MONTH than my previous presentations had made me all that year!

When you see the results that VSL Toolbox will have on your presentations, you won’t go back to plain black-text-on-white-background ever again!

Watch this short 73-second video and I’ll show you how EASILY you can take a boring slide and turn it into something eye-catching and attention-grabbing!
You’ll be able to use VSL Toolbox to make your slides look like this...
You get a huge collection of custom-designed, hand-created attention-grabbers, textures, illustrations, highlighters, screentones, halftones, paper samples, gradients, overlays and more!

Here’s a glimpse at the tip of the iceberg...
And that’s about 10% of the collection.  

And you wouldn’t believe the amount of work that went into creating these.  

For example...

For the hand-drawn illustrations, the artist I hired to help me create this collection gathered a huge library of commercial art from the 1940’s and 50’s.  

He studied how these particular pens and brushes work in the real world.  (Little things like how the ink pools when the nib first touches the paper.  How brush strokes get wider as pressure increases.)

There’s a lot that went into it.  

Some people might think we’re crazy for obsessing about the details.  But there’s a reason why….
Here’s the secret:  inconsistency and human imperfection.

See, expensive programs like Adobe Illustrator make it possible to create ULTRA-PRECISE artwork:  perfectly straight lines, perfectly filled shapes.  

There’s never a pixel out of place.  And that’s great.  There’s a time and place for that.

But, sometimes too much perfection and precision costs us the human touch that adds warmth and humanity to our communication.  

So, when you add some of that humanity back into the design get MAGIC.  

And it makes a really strong subconscious impact on your prospects.  They no longer feel like they’re watching a run-of-the-mill slide presentation…

It feels more like they’re in a real conversation with another human being…maybe sitting in a coffee shop with a friend who’s explaining something...
(By the way, see that coffee ring and splatter?  We had a blast creating those with real coffee, real coffee-cups and hundreds of sheets of paper.  Then we picked the best ones, scanned them at high-resolution and made overlays out of them!  Now you can add a bit of “human imperfection” to your artwork any time you want!)

Speaking of “hundreds of sheets of paper”, look below for the details on the paper samples I’m including.  They’re absolutely gorgeous!

But before we get there, let me show something I’ve been using with great results lately.
Last year, I had a presentation all ready to go…and, at the last minute, I looked at the slides and I thought, “Man, these look boring”.

Because of the nature of the product, it was going to be a long presentation…and I knew that my prospects would get sluggish if they all they had was black text on a white background.

So I actually postponed my product launch and redesigned my entire presentation.  

I didn’t change any of the language, pricing or the offer itself.  I just made sure that something new and exciting was happening VISUALLY every few minutes.

The result was phenomenal.  The drop-off rate that normally occurs during a long presentation disappeared.  People were engaged…they were riveted.

Now, I’d like to take credit for being a good communicator.  But, remember, the changes I made were PURELY VISUAL.  That’s the only thing that changed.  And thousands of people kept watching long past the point where most audiences would start getting restless.

I want you to experience the same thing.  So, I’m also including several sets of custom-made templates that you can import into Powerpoint or Keynote and start creating a new presentation right away!  

Check out how gorgeous these slides are...
Some of these themes were pretty expensive to create.  

For instance, the “Blueprint” theme actually includes hand-made TITLES like, “Company”, “Products”, “Compensation Plan”, “The System”, that you can drop them right into the presentation anytime you choose.  

And naturally, the slides include the high-resolution scans of actual architect paper, grid systems, etc!

One of my favorite things to do is to use slides that have the numbers built right into the slides themselves.  

The ones I’ve included here are actually embossed right into the slide.  It’s a very slick and polished way of indicating where you are in your outline without having to actually number your points manually...

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  In addition to lots of ready-made templates, we’re providing you with high-definition overlays…so you can create your own!

Here’s an example...
In this example, it’s ONE click to add the gradient overlay…and then ONE click to add a very subtle halftone effect.  It’s like MAGIC!
From there, you can add just a bit of text and a rectangle and you can turn a boring photograph into a stunning slide in your presentation....with no complicated or expensive software required!

Watch how easy it is in this 2:22 demonstration:
Let’s talk about headlines...

Headlines are the front-line when it comes to grabbing attention.  But, why use ordinary text headlines when you can use graphic headlines that are custom-made for our industry?

Check out these low-res samples.  (You’ll get high-resolution versions with full transparency so you can place them on top of any background or color.)
In addition to graphical headlines, I’ve found that re-interpreting ANYTHING that you’d normally put in a presentation works even better when it’s presented graphically.

For instance, we’ve all seen boring bullet points.  Those little dots aren’t interesting to anyone

But, what if your bullets leapt off the screen and actually ENGAGED your prospect with color and vibrancy?

Instead of just displaying a photo…what if you put it into a hand-drawn Polaroid picture frame?  Or what if you could put your prospect’s thoughts right into a thought bubble, WHILE they’re thinking it?

You can do all this and more with VSL Toolbox!  Imagine using these in your next presentation...
Earlier, I mentioned that we’re including several paper samples as a FREE BONUS...

Some of the paper textures are high-resolution scans of old papers found in the attic of an old house. We cleaned them up, scanned them at high-resolution and turned them files that you can use as overlays OR as backgrounds for your text.

Other textures are scans of pristine and gorgeous sheets of paper from high-end paper companies. They’re so crisp that you can literally see the fibers running through the linen. 
Let me tell you a quick story...

Not long ago, I heard about a blogger who got into big trouble for using a photo on her blog without permission.  The photographer who took the photo found out about it and handed her a bill for tens of thousands of dollars!

Yikes!  Talk about an expensive mistake!

Unfortunately, the blogger found the photo the way a lot of marketers do:  she went to Google Images and just assumed that it was available for her to use.

Not true!  In fact, relatively few professional photos are available for use without paying royalties.  If you go to places like PhotoDune or Shutterstock, you’ll find gorgeous photos…but they can cost up to $100 per use!  And that’s just for ONE use!

There ARE some places online that offer royalty-free stock photos.  But a lot of them aren’t very good quality.  Or it takes hours to go through them all to find the really good stuff.

So, to help save you time, we’re also including dozens of high-quality, royalty-free stock photos that are FREE for you to use for commercial purposes.  

And you don’t have to spend hours going through the garbage to find the good ones.  We’ve done it for you!  (They’re in glorious HD so you can use them at any size in your presentation).

Here’s a small sample of some of the photos you’ll receive...
And, of course, all these photos are in glorious high-resolution so you can use them at any size in your presentation.

There’s so much more I can show you:  hand-drawn circles, X’s, blocks, checkboxes, ink color drops, colored-smoke titles....too much.

In fact, there’s over 1,500 graphics in this pack.  (Honestly, I didn’t mean to create that many.  We just got so excited that we couldn’t stop adding to the pack!)

In fact....
Right before we had the entire product compiled and uploaded to the servers, one of our graphics artists sent a message to say that he had an idea for some additional titles and backgrounds.

They didn’t make it into the final product but rather than saving them until Volume 2 is released, we’re including them for FREE as a bonus for anyone who gets VSL Toolbox in the next 24 hours.

Here’s a glimpse of what we added at the last minute...
You’ll get 7 more themes/backgrounds, PLUS overlays, PLUS additional hand-drawn titles you can use in your marketing!   
I’ve used ready-made, “one-click” custom graphics for years in my marketing.

You’ll love how easy it is to make your marketing look professional, polished and top-shelf.

You’re going to get:
Did you get that last part?

These graphics will work anywhere.  Use them on your lead capture pages…in your videos…you can even copy-and-paste them into emails to your list!

VSL Toolbox is the perfect way to build a smart collection of eye-grabbing, attention-getting graphics that make your marketing come alive!

Simply put:  they work.  And they’ll work for you, too.

In fact, I’m so certain that you’ll love VSL Toolbox that it has a full, money-back guarantee.
We’ve made this as simple as we can.

No hoops to jump through.
No shenanigans.

Download a copy of VSL Toolbox Vol.1 and start using it!  If you’re you’re not completely satisfied, just contact our Support Team and let them know.  They’ll process a 100% refund for you.  

Simple as that.  The only thing you have to lose…are boring presentations!
I’ll be totally candid.  If our situations were reversed, I’d jump on this graphics pack for $97.

Know why?  Because the last time I hired a graphics designer to do a single project for my own use, it cost $225.  And that was from a guy in Indonesia.  He’s worth every penny.  If he lived in the States, he’d probably have charged me $1,000 for that one project.

Why?  Because good design is expensive.....but not for you.

You can get this entire package for a FRACTION of what it cost me to develop them.  Not only that but you get lifetime rights to use in ALL your marketing.  You’ll never have to pay another penny!

But, here’s the real issue...

What does it cost you to NOT have professional, hand-drawn graphics in your marketing materials?

Sure, you can do without them.  But why would you?  For pennies per graphic, you can start marketing with eye-stopping, hypnotic, attention-grabbing graphics doing all the work for you!

Grab your copy of VSL Toolbox today!

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What License Is Included?
The simplest explanation is that you can use all of these graphics in your own commercial marketing materials....but you can’t distribute them for use by others.   They can be used an unlimited amount of times for your own projects but they cannot be given, sold or transferred to others to use.  

The stock photos provided come from sites like Pixabay or Unsplash.  They are under Creative Commons CCO license which means they you should be able to use and edit them freely for commercial purposes with no attribution required or royalty required.  To learn more about CCO licenses and public domain photos, read here and here.
Do I Need Special Software?
Nope!  All files are either JPG or PNG format and that means they can be used and opened in any common software including Powerpoint, Word, Keynote, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, etc.   The ideal use for these particular graphics will be for using them in your slide-presentation (Powerpoint or Keynote for Mac).
Are There Any Ongoing Charges?
Nope!  You get instant access to the entire graphics package for one small investment.  No ongoing costs involved!
How Will I Receive VSL Toolbox?
After purchasing, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to create an account in our VSL Toolbox MEMBER AREA.  Once you create your account and get logged in, you’ll find all your download links.  

BTW, this email is sent automatically after you process your order.  So you don’t have to wait on us to send it to you manually.  You can literally start using VSL Toolbox in the next few minutes....even if it’s 2am in your part of the world!
What’s The Size of the Product?
It’s big!  At the time of this writing, it’s over 2Gb of professional graphics and templates.  However, we’ve made it easy for you.  You can download the entire product (736Mb ZIP) file…OR you can download each category of graphics in a much smaller file.   (NOTE:   While you can purchase the product from your mobile device, you will need to download it to a computer/laptop.  Some of the files are large so make sure you have a solid Internet connection.)
Is There A Guarantee?
Absolutely!  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, just contact our Support team within 14 days they’ll be happy to process a full refund.  You have NOTHING to lose…except boring presentations!  
Got More Questions?
You can use the live-chat function in the lower-right corner of this screen to post a question to our friendly Support team.  We’ll get back with you right away!

Secure Payment

We use 128bit encryption for all transactions and your credit card information is never stored in any way.

14 Day Guarantee

No question asked 14 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply contact Customer Support and we will provide you with a full refund.  Rock solid guarantee.